Phil Ivey may be an incredibly skilled poker player, but he did not have a great 2014 outside of those card tables. Ivey was accused of cheating to win millions of dollars at casinos in two different continents. Allegations were brought against Ivey by casinos in England and the United States this year.

Phil Ivey is an incredibly skilled poker playerIn October, a High Court in England decided that Phil Ivey had used fraudulent methods to obtain nearly $15 million at a British casino. Ivey is said to have used a technique that is called edge sorting. Despite his constant protestations about his innocence, the court sided with their casino in this case.

Ivey continued to tell reporters he was innocent after the verdict. “I am not a cheat. I am not interested in ruining my reputation by cheating to win money at a casino. Even though the judge said I was honest on the stand, I am disappointed by the verdict,” he said.

He may be a super star on the poker circuit, but Ivey’s reputation among casinos is probably at an all-time low. An Atlantic City casino also accused Ivey of cheating this year. They believe that he won close to $10 million at baccarat by using illegal means.

This case is slightly more complicated and will be going to the United States courts. Ivey is said to have made several unusual demands when he sat down to play baccarat at that casino. He asked for a specific machine to sort cards, a specific deck of cards, and a private room. In an unusual move, the casino agreed to all of those demands.

It was only after Ivey had won the astonishing amount that they realized he had been cheating. The combination of the specific deck and machine resulted in marks that Ivey could use to distinguish individual cards.