Bingo Hall is a popular and fun online game.

Bingo Hall has always been a popular site for people who want to play this fun game online. However, the site has been accused of not moving with the times. In an attempt to improve on their user base, Bingo Hall has gone through a serious re branding mission. The site is now up with a host of improvements to key features.

Bingo Hall has a completely new layout, with the graphic design looking a lot more modern. The improvement in graphics means that players will get a more immersive experience while they are playing. The layout still retains its traditionally blue feel, but each section has a slightly different color arrangement. The on screen buttons have been improved, which makes accessing the menu options much simpler.

Another new element to Bingo Hall is the option for social media interaction. Members can now freely interact with other people who gamble on the site. There are options to add a friend to your list, message those friends and view their recent activity. Players can also communicate their thoughts through a status bar, mention the games they enjoy playing the most, and look at what their friends are enjoying.

The member profile section is far more detailed now. Players have the ability to look at their VIP points, account balance, deposit and withdrawal options, and other settings on one page. Players can also see what mods and fellow players are active, allowing them to choose the gaming rooms they want to join. If you are a member of Bingo Hall, you will now have the ability to instantly rate and review a game. The site’s administrators can see how many likes a certain game gets. This helps them contrast between popular games and those that need tweaking.