Keno operator confessed of being corruptA jury is not needed at the Bundaberg Magistrates Court Monday, as former Keno operator Verdel confessed to stealing $9500 in Keno money.

Suspicions arose on March 21, when the manager of Verdel found a shortfall of $9500 when performing his usual inspection of the takings. There were a number of irregularities during the daily rounds, including a large quantity of bets that were red flagged for suspicious behaviour. These bets had been placed with a very little amount of time between them.


Authorities in regards to Keno were contacted by Sgt. Stevens, but as far they know there were no instances of problems with the Keno Machines, and that any irregularities would be due to user control. Verdel was consulted by the manager, where she’d stated that there was only one Keno customer involved at the time. In terms of herself, she didn’t make any bets that would directly contribute to any of her own winnings. Verdel struggled financially, having to deal with taking care of her children while juggling the stresses involved with moving and finding employment. She has three children, with no other means of support other than herself and whatever financial contributions she can get.

The events happened rather quickly, with Magistrate Aaron Simpson commenting that these happened within a day, and resulted in $9500 worth of damages. Verdel, to Simpson, most likely committed these crimes due to being mentally and fiscally compromised. Facing an intense amount of pressure, she decided to take the risk and abuse her position on a Keno operator to obtain money. Adding on to this, she was not physically healthy at the time. Eithers she has a number of preexisting medical conditions, which also hit her financially.

Simpson believes that jail time is appropriate here because it was a notably serious crime, one that required premeditated thinking and quite deliberate planning. Restitution, as further penalty, was also ordered from Verdel.