Echo Entertainment Group raised the casino’s revenue significantly

Echo Entertainment Group has upped its high-roller player numbers and registered bigger annual profits. It has raised the casino’s revenue significantly. The company’s Sydney casino seems to have suddenly become the place for big money players, which has helped Echo’s revenue growth.

The rising star

The company management has refused to give any reasons for its casino’s higher profits but agree that their high-roller business has increased and that the business is better than their rivals. A 27 percent increase in revenue is massive and makes news-worthy headlines.

The management though say that they held promotions in their Sydney casino, which is called The Star and they received good responses from the patrons and even succeeded in getting new business. Of course, it must be more than just promotions. The company has been taking severe measures like cut back to improve casino finances and it seems to have paid off though it seems the company still has a long way to go.

The new initiatives

Buoyed by the company’s good profits, the management is planning expansions. Speculation is that the company is vying for the license to build a new casino in Brisbane. The move seems to come from the business opportunities in Queensland that is seeing an increase in the Chinese tourists who come to enjoy Australia’s gambling scene. To this end they also want to improve their existing casino property in Brisbane.

So far Echo is only focussed on expanding its business in the Australian territory only. The gambling business in Australia is a profitable one though recently it has seen some slowdown due to some economic reasons like the slump in the mining industry. However, the company plans to expand into global casino business and has even has some tie-ups with other global players to expand Echo’s business in Vegas.