The seven options for players when playing blackjack

What Are The Options?

When playing blackjack as with almost any other game, there are a limited number of options that one may choose. Those options should be studied so as to know which one is the very best in just about any given situation. The choice that one makes in a given situation may determine the outcome of the hand and thus the fortunes that they are able to win or lose. In other words, very important things can happen as a result of how one plays their blackjack strategy.

Hit or Stand?

When dealt the two cards for a hand, a player must decide if he or she wants another card or not. The idea of course is to get as close to 21 as possible without going over. The player can choose to get another card and try to get closer to that 21 number, or may stand on the hand deciding that it is close enough to the number or may bust on another card. The dealer then does the same but with a set of rules that must be followed.

Dealer’s Rules

The house or dealer has to hit on a 16 or below on their first two cards and stand on a 17 or better. They do not have the option to do anything else. However, since the player does not know beforehand what the dealer is going to do, this makes the game more difficult for the player. There is no known factor of what the dealer’s hand total will end up being, and thus, the player has to decide what to do without this knowledge. That is why the house has an edge to begin with.

Split and Insurance

If the player is dealt two of the same card (i.e. two eights), then he or she may choose to split those cards and play them as separate hands. Doing so means that the bet on each hand must be equal as well, thus the original bet amount is doubled.

If the dealer is showing an Ace turned face up, then the player has the right to purchase insurance. That is a small bet made that the other card that the dealer has is a card with a value of 10. Since that hand would be 21 for the dealer it is unbeatable and thus the reason why the insurance bet is available.