Roulette strategies maximize playing profitWith so many possible bets that can be made on any single spin, it is easy to see how a little bit of imagination can provide endless approaches to applying strategy. Roulette strategies can be formed for maximizing profit in a quick hit and run on the wheel; extending playing time and making your bankroll last longer, or for balancing profit and playing time.

A nice conservative strategy that maximizes play for a given bankroll, and is easy for a new player to learn, is the ladder climb. With this strategy, you vary the amount of the bet based on the previous outcome according to a predetermined betting sequence. For this example, we will use the black and red bets, but any of the even money options are suitable for this strategy. Say we have a basic betting unit of five dollars. Start by placing a bet on either black or red for a single unit. For each spin that follows, if the result is a win, increase the following bet to the next amount in the sequence. If a spin results in a loss, start a new betting series at one unit on the next spin.

By pressing bets when luck is on your side, you will generate big wins while only losing a single unit at a time during cold streaks. Some common sequences that work well with the ladder climb are: (1,3,5,8,12,16,20) and (1,2,4,6,10,16,21). The first sequence wins 65 bets if completed, and the second wins 60 with the earlier levels being slightly more conservative. After winning a sequence of seven bets, you can simply keep betting the max until a spin is lost, or lock in wins by starting back at one unit.

I’m a gambler and I like fast action with big wins. My favorite roulette strategy, which I like to call the ring around the rosy, is to pick my favorite number and surround it with bets that increase one unit for each drop in odds. For example, for the number 17, I make the following bets: one chip on 17, two chips on the four splits, and three chips on each of the four corners. If the number is running hot, I will add a five chip bet on the street and a six chip bet on each double street as well. With this strategy I’m looking to maximize profit when a number is running hot while mitigating loses on each missed roll. The full bet, including the streets, requires a total of 36 chips and covers nine total numbers. If the ball lands on the target number, in this case 17, all bets are paid for a total payout of 414 chips plus the original 36 chips bet. This is a high risk, high reward strategy, and is best applied in a hit and run situation or as a big bet strategy for a big bankroll.